4 Comments on “I suffer from tired aching legs during and after work any suggestions?

  1. Hi,,
    You can try putting your feet into contrast baths(warm and cold) water baths after work daily,you can also use silicone heels and insoles into your shoes,drink plenty if water and never mind a foot massage every two weeks ..

  2. Hi
    You need to check your legs for variose veins, and check you back for spondylitis , try beurger s exercise (check on you tube) it will help much , wear compression stocking , try to exercise regularly
    Good Luck

  3. hi,
    this can be due to calcium / vitamin D deficiency.
    rarely carnitine deficiency also can cause crampy muscles.
    Get these levels checked in blood.
    Start on calcium/vitamin D and L-carnitine supplements.

  4. Hi..
    Thanks for the query..

    The symptoms can be due to overuse injury to the muscles while other common causes can be Varicose veins..

    Consult an Orthopedician to rule out the cause..

    As of now take painkillers out of necessary, do foot and leg massage,if you are overweight try loosing weight, soak your feet in warm water by adding rock salt in it..

    Hope this information helps..


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