I suffer from Hair Loss (Hair Fall), is it AGA or Ferritin induced ?

I have been suffering from hair fall from since sometime. I am unable to identify if it’s AGA or Ferritin induced hair loss. My hair loss is equal all over, but a little more in sides in the TOP of my head.Based on my recent blood test report, I have slightly high iron(31), where max

normal is 27 and high % Fe saturation (58) where max normal is 50. But my Ferritin is Low (29). Since my iron is high and Ferrin being Low, how do I increase my Ferritin. I have tested for thyroid and results are normal.

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  1. Hi,
    In my opinion you should focus on treating the underlying cause
    You need to get a serum transferrin receptor test done and TIBC CRP.
    Have you checked your gut possibilities like absorption problems as H.pylori or celiac?
    you need to get vitamin c in order to improve absorption instead of increasing iron intake.

  2. Hi
    You can increase Ferritin by eating red meat, I recommend testing your testosterone levels ( even in females low level cause hair falling)
    Good Luck

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