Question: I started bleeding during intercourse…why?

Hello , my boyfriend and I had sex last night and about halfway through I started bleeding. This hasnt been our first time having sex but it is the first time that situation has ever occurred. I was wondering what could have caused this random situation?

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  1. hi..
    this can happen if you were heading for periods in 2 days.
    it may also occur due to hormonal changes in your body causing the vaginal internal mucosal lining to be more fragile .
    sometimes rough sex can cause this.
    u should have more of foreplay before sex to assure good lubrication during sex.

  2. Bleeding during intercourse should not happen. Are you sure it was you who was bleeding or him?
    There are veins in the penis which can erupt during intercourse. If it was you, I would get it checked out by a doctor if the bleeding was heavy. Also how close were you to your period?

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