I received a urethra swab test it was not pleasant at all?

I am a 21 year old male. I received a urethra swab test suddenly by the doctor who i went to see today in an effort detect stds and it was not pleasant at all. It has been 8 hours since then and now I am having slight burning sensation in my penis and am undergoing mental turmoil since the procedure. I have been lying down in an awkward position for 6 hours. Are my fears exaggerated? Will it heal? I appreciate your help i am in a lot of mental and emotional distress and have no one to talk to. Thank you

Side note: I have anxiety disorder for which i was under antidepressant treatment (seroxat/paxil) which i have recently discontinued through tapering measures. Also, this might not be too relevant of my biggest phobia for many years (medical tampering of urethra)


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4 Comments on “I received a urethra swab test it was not pleasant at all?

  1. Hi..
    Thanks for writing to us..

    For Urethral swab culture the swab is pushed deep and is rotated and this process is repeated 5-6 times..
    It can cause discomfort and one can feel pain or burning for a few hours to about 2-3 days till the healing completes..
    If pain does not get better or worsen consult your Physician and get evaluated..

    Hope this helps..


  2. Hi..
    For anxiety you can start doing deep breathing exercises and along with it you can also do yoga and keep engaged in work of your choice..
    Eat healthy and sleep well..

    Hope this helps..


  3. Thank you doctor. I recieved my result yesterday and it was entirely negative for everything. Im still somewhat mentally traumatized and feeling sensitive in the genital area. I would just lt like to ask if it would be safe to resume sexual intercourse with mt girlfriend. Would ejaculation hurt? Thanks

  4. Hi.
    You need not to fear as you will be fine in a couple of days..
    Let the sensitivity and pain relieve so that it does not worsen on further jerks and movements during intercourse..
    As you are negative for STD’s it is further a good news..

    Hope this helps..

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