I presented with pain that started in my shoulder and then progressively worked its way down my arm?

I am a 41 year old female. I presented with pain that started in my shoulder and then progressively worked its way down my arm. The upper bicep area above my elbow I noticed that I had a lump and I originally thought that I tore my bicep.

I have pain lost strength for example it can be hard for me to lift a large drink or carry a gallon of milk. My doctor after only spending about 3 minutes with me sent me for and MRI.

I went back for my MRI reading, once again the doctor only spent about 3 minutes with me told me I have a very small amount of tendonitis in my shoulder and told me that the mass was nothing that it’s just fat. ( I had to lean around them to be able to see the screen and I could see on the MRI it was a big oval area that was bright white see you can clearly see that there was a mass of something) I asked why I was having such bad pain and restricted use of my arm and I was told we’re not going to worry about that right now and he suggested physical therapy and left the room.

It has been 2 weeks since that visit in the pain is sometimes unbearable to the point where I can not sleep. I have scheduled a second opinion.

But my question is more along my MRI and the mass in my arm, how are they able to tell what the mass is made of and that it’s nothing more serious. And why would I have a mass of fat. Cancer runs in my family which is why it’s a huge concern of mine. I cannot find anything on the internet that says then an MRI will find a mass of fat.

I’ve had family and coworkers comment that the mass seems to have gotten larger overt the last few weeks.

Also I’ve had a very busy week at work where we did a lot of lifting which I had to do it now option and now my back on just that side where I’m having problems with my arm is having a lot of pain.

Any suggestions or comments on what maybe I can specifically ask the dr. about or what you think this could be or what I need to watch for.

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  1. I was having pain in my neck/shoulder area for years that would come and go.. I finally went to a doctor about it. I was sent to SEVERAL different doctors and they all had a different opinion. MRI after MRI, CT Scans everything you can think of. It just kept getting worse. I was forced to change family doctor due to insurance regulations and the new doctor told me I had TOS…Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. You might ask to be tested for this, as it is difficult to diagnose and MIGHT save you several xrays and MRI’S.

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    It is rarely to get a tumor at this site..this could be a sebaceous cyst or even a bursae(fluid filled sac) which happens due to inflammation in the surrounding tendons ..
    Your case is mostly supraspinatus tendinitis with biceps tendinitis…common and treatable case but takes time with physiotherapy …

  3. You should explore other possiblitys like cervical spondylosis , disc or cervical out let syndrome
    On T2 scan the fat cyts apears bright , contents are jundged by colour in T1. And T2
    Good Luck

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    this can be due to a pinched nerve in the neck or subacromial bursitis. get xray/ mri of the concerned part.
    physiotherapy or laser / local steroid injection shot will be helpful.

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    a neuroradiculopathy and a supraspinatus tendinitis or an early frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis) are the possible reasons.TENS,matrix technology with short wave are known to give excellent results in such cases.

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