I need opinion on my Semen Analysis and Morphology report findings?

I have a question … I have a test report : SEMEN ANALYSIS/H&E STAIN FOR SPERM MORPHOLOGY.
Report as below

Time of collection 01:40PM
Time of examination 02:10PM

Physical Examination
Colour Whitish
Volume (ml) 4.0> or = 1.5
Liquefaction 30 Mins Within 30 Mins
Fructose Test PositivePositive
pH AlkalineAlkaline

Microscopic Examination
Sperm Concentration (M/ml) 145> or = 15
Total Sperm count (M/ ejaculate) 580> or = 39
Morphology (% Normal) 08> or = 04
Vitality (% Live) 45> or = 58

Motility within 1 hour of ejaculation
Total Motility (PR+NP,%) 40> or = 40
Progressive motility (PR,%) 30> or = 32
Pus cells 8-10/HPF
RBCs 1-3/HPF
Epithelial Cells 0-2/HPF
Small agglutinates (+)
Aggregates Nil
Comments : Asthenozoospermia.

Please advise me this report is Ok or Not ?

6 Comments on “I need opinion on my Semen Analysis and Morphology report findings?

  1. When the percentage of mobile sperm in the semen is less than 32%..this reduces the possibilities of fertilising an egg.
    This is not limiting factor in having a baby as many artificial methods can be used to fertilize an egg if you wished.
    Stay away from cigarettes and alcohol

    ..Practice yoga and meditation to be stress free

    ..Try to exercise regularly

    ..Try to maintain a three day gap between two consecutive ejaculations to remain fertile

    .. Avoid bitter, spicy and acidic foods

    ..Avoid tight underpants to provide an ambient climate for the testicles

    ..Have a good massage therapy with herbal oils to improve blood circulation

    .. Loose excess weight

    ..Have a healthy diet containing whole grains and vegetables rich in proteins and vitamins.

    ..Sperm levels are at the highest in the morning and afternoon making it the best time for love making.

  2. Progressive motility is low should be greater then 50% , volume should be 2
    Morphology you need at least 30 % normal
    Pus is high , doctor will probably recommend antibiotics , which could fix the the ph problem the progressive motility and morphology

    Your main problem is low count of normal semen (which can cause infertility )

    Once infection is controled you should redo the test to see if it improves or to figure the next step

    Good Luck

  3. Regarding your question about your semen analysis,

    Asthenozoospermia means decreased in your sperms motility, such problem leads to infertility.. However, in such result , several samples may be collected for examination to ensure the accuracy of the results, and also seeking a fertility specialist is a must.

  4. hi
    lowered motility of sperms and low count both are partly responsible for infertility.
    de-stress yourself if you are under stress.
    yoga and meditation will help.
    high protein diet should be taken.

  5. HI

  6. hello there
    mobile sperms are very less compared to normal range.
    natural fertilisation is less likely.
    ivf should be used for fertilisation.
    consult a andrology specialist

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