2 Comments on “I need a diet plan and herbal medicine for polysistic ovary syndrome

  1. Hello..
    The Best and more important diet you can go with is limiting your carbs intake to minimum as your Poly cystic ov. synd causes excess sugar to be released in your blood continuously so u have to burn the maximum amount of sugar u can…
    Eat 5-6 meals daily
    wake up early ..
    eat every 2-3 hours
    Make your every meal either vegetable +protein or a fruit i.e one meal protein +vegetables then one meal fruit then one meal vegetable +protein etc..
    oatmeal is great for breakfast
    skimmed milk and yogurt .
    do not take caffeinated products.
    cinnamon is a good herbal drink for you.
    drink plenty of water…
    and above all… do vigorous exercise Day after day and cardio ex the other days…

  2. hi..
    there is no specific diet chart meant for pcos.but you can always eat more proteins and low fat and carbohydrate diet.

    you should eat your meals in divided doses at 2-3 hours interval.
    fruits and green leafy vegetables should be more in content..

    yoga and exercises will help a lot.

    herbal medicines are to be found out from your nearest medical store,which ones are available, due to limited efficacy and availability.

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