I may have had a miscarriage, please advise?

Hello, I am asking about something that happened awhile back and I think I had a miscarriage. This happened back when I was a teen and it’s really bothering me now and need clarification. Back then I did have unprotected sex and he did not pull out, I missed 2 periods and assumed I was pregnant but I did not take a test to confirm. Then one day I was awoken by a sharp pain followed by a lot of blood just dripping out and puddling onto the floor, when I went to the bathroom I noticed a firm little greyish and kind of skinned-toned mass that seemed like a little “ball” for lack of a better description. That was unlike any clot I had ever seen before and have never seen anything like that again. I wish I had gone to the doctor to confirm, but since I did not, does this seem like it could have been a miscarriage or just a very odd cycle ? Age: 26


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  1. Hi..
    Your explanation can be pointing towards miscarriage if you had regular periods before and missed abnormally after unprotected intercourse.
    A grey mass commonly kidney shaped can be observed along with huge clots if it is due to miscarriage..
    As you did not check a doubt can always be there..
    You can however have a transvaginal ultrasound done under supervision of a Gynaecologist to check for any abnormalities in the uterus and even other parts of reproductive tract will also be evaluated so that you can be eased off and if there is any problem it can be very well treated..

    Hope this helps..


  2. Hi..
    Can you please also explain that what is the status of your menstruation cycle now?
    Is it regular?
    Do you have any related problems like pelvic pain, abnormal bleeding, brown discharge etc?

    Please revert back..


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