I may have autoimmune hepatitis, please advise, need second doctor opinion?

Hello, I went to a gastro to talk about gallstones, he said I have fatty liver (nafld) and ran bloodwork. Everything ok, EXCEPT:
positive ANA speckled 1:80
F-ACTIN IgG 22.5
he sent me back to my primary, who sent me to rheumatologist, who said it was not autoimmune, and of no concern to him, he sent me back to gastro. Redid ASMA and it came back Weak Positive at “20”. Is what they told me. Now, nothing, he does not seem concerned. I have googled all this, and it shows hepatitis, autoimmune hepatitis, and horrible diseases. I am at a loss and do not know what to do. I know my Hepatitis came back all non reactive, and I donate blood every year. I am so confused. Thank you for any insight


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  1. Hi..
    Thanks for the query..

    As per the investigation reports the ANA levels seems to have weak autoimmune antibody levels while the other two values are towards the negative range.
    Due to this the Rheumatologist indicated it as negative for auto immune cause..

    So for now you need not to worry..

    I would still suggest you to repeat the tests in 3-4 weeks to check for further confirmation..

    Hope this helps..


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