I just had a uretheral dilation?

Hi, I just had a uretheral dilation. This will be my forth dilation from the same doctor. I was under the assumption that he was going to fix the problem properly this time. Last time he cut my urethra and it lasted just over two years before I kept getting bad kidney infections. He said to me there are no other options but to stretch it. I don’t believe him and I think he is just trying to make money off me. I am supposed to go back in three weeks for a follow up but I think I should try another doctor. Are there other solutions for a narrow urethra other than a stretch. Any help would be appreciated.


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  1. Hi..
    Thanks for the query..

    Well mostly when you have urethral stricture there can be considerable pain..
    However dialation can cause some discomfort and pain as the area is stretched..
    So first of all can you please tell that what is the cause for repeated dilation?
    Further advice can be given once I know the exact cause of dilation and treatment plan.

    Hope this helps..


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