I just had an x-ray exam, says granuloma, please advise?

Hi! I just had an x-ray exam and it says ‘additional oblique view of the right lung again shows the density in the right upper lobe likely a granuloma while the previously noted density in the right lower lung is no longer appreciated’ what does it mean?


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2 Comments on “I just had an x-ray exam, says granuloma, please advise?

  1. Hi..
    Thanks for the query..

    Lung granulomas can be due to infectious or non infectious causes..
    So first of all I would like to know what was the reason for getting x rays done?
    -Are there any symptoms?
    -Are you taking any medication for the same?

    Please revert back with answers..


  2. Hi..
    If any Infection is suspected a blood test and further tests like Biopsy can be done for further diagnosis..

    Hope this helps..

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