6 Comments on “I just find out by a x ray I have 10 stables inside of me, is it normal after surgery?

  1. Hi.
    Staples should have been removed years ago, it is not normal to leave them
    He should have explained why he left them
    Good Luck

  2. Yes sure it is normal and no need to worry about them unless they cause a problem..

  3. Staples are not harmful, they are just imp to avoid bleeding after surgery, no worries they r not harmful for it body ?

  4. hi,’
    yes,these are sterile staples and are usually kept inside until u have any problem related to it.

  5. Hi..
    Thanks for the query..

    It is a common practice to use titanium clips to close cystic ducts and artery while having gallbladder removal and they are easily left in place..
    It is not a wrong practice..
    So do not worry about it but once consult a Physician for evaluation of your x ray..

    Hope this helps..

  6. One more thing that I would like to add is that please tell the reason for getting x ray done?

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