I injured my leg in car accident, pain when I get up from sitting and after standing?

19, female, no medications, I was in a car accident about 5 months ago, and injured my leg. I didnt have it looked at while I was in the hospital, because I dont have insurance and assumed it would heal over time. The pain happens when i get up from sitting for a while, or bend my leg after standing for a while. The pain is in the back left of my knee, and is really sharp and spreades throughout knee and then fades after walking for a bit. Theres no swelling or anything, so I assume there are no tears and fractures. But the pain is worsening. Since I dont have insurance, is there something a doctor could definitely do?

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  1. Hi
    You said pain is in back left , is it right or left leg ? You mean by back left outer or inside ?
    Any way your pain is a meniscal tear , i can guide you through some exercise to do to fix the problem if you answer my questions so that i can know if it is medial or lateral meniscal tear

    Also try this exercise , stand on your heal with toes directed upwards (ankle dorsi flextion ) with extended knees while leaning forwards for 30 sec and tell me if pain increase or goes away

    I will wait for your answer
    Good Luck

  2. You are mostly suffering a posterior horn of medial meniscial tear ..it could happen after accidents or direct blunts of knees..
    I recommend seeing a physiotherapist or follow a program of strengthening quadriceps and stretching of hamstring muscles ..knee mobilization ..
    A knee MRI can prove it..also if your knee gives way or locks can be confirming signs without MRI ..

  3. hi
    even if there is no swelling,there are possibilities of internal derangement of the knee (ligament injury )
    You should get an MRI of knee to come to a diagnosis.
    You are still young and negligence would cause long term damage to the knee in future.
    consult a orthopedist.

  4. Unfortunatly dear
    You need physiotherapist plus or minus MRI

    Try to take anti inflammatory drugs , alphintern, and pain killers like xefo which will help alot

    But physical examination in an expert clinic is a must

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