I hit my head. No signs of concussion but still sensitive, please advise?

About a week ago, I hit my head. No signs of concussion, only a slight bruise that was tender to touch. This afternoon, while washing my face, when I went over that spot I experienced a pulling and tingling sensation directly back to the top of my scalp. This is the first day and it’s happened any time I apply slight pressure to that spot. (ie: applying makeup) I had an aneurysm about 7 years ago and they glued the affected vessel with no further issues beyond minor numbness, in a couple of spots, on the left side. Is this something I should be concerned about or will it go away when the bruise is gone?

Age: 44
Medications: Metoprolol, Ventolin, Symbicort, Iron, Ecotrin 81mg, Azithromyacin

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  1. The sensation you describe seems to be the result of the minor injury and resulting bump. It should disappear and you should revert back to normal soon. You should consult if you feel a severe headache, trouble with your vision or speech, numbness. To rule out any problems, a CT scan would be required.

  2. Hi..
    It can be due to injury that does not need to be too deep to be causing any brain related injury..
    So do not worry..
    But in case if you get any other symptoms like headache, dizziness, loss of balance etc, you should consult an Emergency room..


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