21 Comments on “I have yellow bumps in my throat?

  1. You are mostly suffering a viral/bacterial infection
    ..start with vitamin c..
    Bee honey ..lemon ..
    Then if you developed white spots get an antibiotic ..
    Avoid cold weather exposure.

  2. Hi
    In my opinion you have a streptococcal infection , i recommend you do a strep test (very quick test ) to confirm
    U need to see your doctor for antibiotics choice , which is usually penicillin or amoxicillin

    Good Luck

  3. hi
    this is upper respiratory tract infection.
    hot saline water / betadine mouth gargles with antibiotics will help.
    multivitamin tablets will accelerate the recovery process.

  4. There is also strawberry tongue, i think yoy are suffefing streptococcal infection,
    Try to meet your PCP ASAP

  5. Hey I have the same thing but no pain at all what could this be. I’m super healthy and don’t ever have any pains.

  6. This is most certainly GERD.

  7. Hello I have the same exact thing with no pain but have had it for 10 months now. Nothing has seemed to help and it is getting worse.

  8. Hi, I also have this, not sure what it is, had it for a while. Anyone know what it is?

  9. Hi I have this aswell, anybody know what it is and how to get rid of it?

  10. Hi have this too, any clue what it could be. Yeast infection?

  11. Hi I have this too any clue as to what it is?

  12. I have his but it keeps getting worse and my tonsils look swollen. What could it be?

  13. Hey, I am 14 female. I have little yellow bubble looking bumps on the back of my throat, it hurts when I inhale for more than about 5 seconds. I smoke weed everyday regularly, does it have to do with that?? They are much smaller than these on the picture but I’m afraid it will get worse

  14. Hi I’m 12 and have yellow bumps at the very back at my throat and I noticed them a few months ago but they seem to be getting worse and worse but they hurt rarely

  15. So im 14 and just this morning, I felt pain. So I looked and it’s exactly how you described it, I doesn’t hurt that bad, I can easily type this message forgetting about the pain in my throat, so im pretty sure it isn’t urgent. But for those who have had it for a year, go check up. It is NOT strep throat (unless if strep throat is a category)

  16. I have the same thing but with white spots and no pain its really confusing because no matter how much mouth wash I use it doesn’t go away

  17. I have this, a bit worried should I be ?
    I’ve had literally no other symptoms

  18. Lol I have this. But my ears don’t hurt. And it only hurts sometimes when I swallow and is been like this for maybe a month but goes on and off

  19. I have this but ive had it years. When im about to get ill they go swollen. Went to my doctor when she first appeared and honestly they basically told me to go away.

  20. I have this, I’m currently 13. I’ve had this since November 2021 and it’s currently April 2022. I have constant panick attacks about it since it is getting worse, barely any pain occurs, throat is often dry I’ve tried salt water + honey, but nothing is working.

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