I have vomited every night shift in a strange way, starting to accept this vomiting as normal?

Hi, I am a 33 year old male, I work shift work, 12 hour shifts, 4 days on, 4 off, 4 nights, 4 off repeat. For the last 6 weeks approx, I have vomited every night shift, in a strange way. Always the same manor, and only when I work night shifts. The symptoms start with a cough, now I am a smoker, and I do cough, but these coughs that cause the sickness are very gentle coughs, no force, no phlegm moves, the gentlest cough one could imagine. With in seconds my mouth starts to excessively salivate and I feel nauseous. I will be sick within a few minutes, pretty violently, and will generally feel nauseous until after I have slept. I do not eat different foods when working nights, or do anything different other than the obvious, be awake at night and sleep during the day.

I do have some history with heart/chest problems and diagnosed ‘borderline diabetic’, but I don’t feel these would be a factor to consider, if you disagree I am happy to elaborate more.

I have a tendency to start to accept things, and I realised I was starting to accept this vomiting as normal. I have recently moved home and as yet, do not have a GP in this town.

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  1. In my opinion ..in your symptoms I do not find something that related to a cause of concern..
    Vomiting after a cough can be due to irritation of the gag reflex by dry coughing secondary to smoking..
    I feel it is more related to stress or anxiety..
    If no other symptoms associated then it is just stress.
    If you have any other symptoms please let me know ..
    Further we can try drinking warm fluids and see..

  2. In my opinion you have Cough-variant asthma which triggers gag reflex
    Avoid cold air(do not smoke or talk in cold or windy air) , avoid or reduce sugar in drinks or sweets
    If this does not help then see a doctor for anti asthma medications

  3. hi
    in my opinion,vomitting seems to be secondary and is due to gag reflex stimulation.
    There are a variety of causes for gag reflex activation and bronchospasm is one of them.
    get spirometry done and consult a chest physician.

  4. HI

  5. hello there
    u should not take this as normal vomitting.
    instead get a endoscopy done to find out other causes.
    take anti emetics and prebiotics

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