I have varicoceles, a low sperm count reluctant to get in a relationship with this problem?

My question is i have trouble ejaculating during sex…been single 18mths but was a problem with ex girlfriend intermittently.I have had semen checked and basically was told I have a low sperm count and may have trouble getting someone pregnant.I have varicoceles in both testes which im guessing doesnt help.
My gp gave me prescription for a testosterone injection which lasted a few months and did increase my sex drive
I am able to ejaculate through masturbation (once or twice a week) with little difficulty with the assistance of porn..lol
I think part of the problem is mental..fear of not ejaculating
Been with plenty of partners since being single but this problem doesn’t help
Id love to father a child but maybe am reluctant to get in a relationship with this problem
I know I could go to a fertility clinic but it is difficult and embarrassing to talk about,I know there is an operation for varicocels which may help but sounds painful
I don’t have trouble getting girls but am a bit fussy,and time is running out to be a dad..Any advice much appreciated
I also read about “death grip syndrome” masturbation which could be a factor in my problem?
I’m a 43yr old single male..87kg 179cm

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  1. Hi
    First things first do the varicoceles surgery you will be normal by 100%
    Take the step few hours pain and then you live happily ever after
    Good Luck

  2. My opinion is get the surgery done this will treat the problem automatically.

  3. Hi..
    Thanks for the query..

    If you wish to become a father then Varicocelectomy can help you out..
    Do not hesitate to see a fertility clinic or a urologist as there is nothing shameful in this and a large number of individuals get treated and lead a happy fertile life..

    So go ahead..

    All the best..


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