I have Urticaria ( hives on the skin), could this be Cushing syndrome?

I have had these embarrassing hives for about 10 years now off and on almost daily for no apparent reason. My skin will be fine and then it will feel like a hot flash and I’m burning up and I have hives on my face, neck, shoulders, arms, chest, sometimes legs. They will be very hot (not itchy) but then go away in a matter of minutes to sometimes hours. I thought it had some kind of relation to food but it happens even before I eat anything at all during the day. I’ve been prescribed beta blockers and xanax… nothing helps. Could this be Cushing syndrome? Thanks

Age: 25
Medications: Alprazolam
General Information: I also gain weight primarily in my stomach and face. Got lots of cortisone steroid shots for shoulder pain years ago

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  1. Hi there!I am sorry for your condition.The precipating factors for chronic hives are exposure to light,pressure, pain killer medications,tight garments and insects.Antihistamines form the mainstay of treatment.Cold compresses may help.Vasoconstrictor drugs,steroids,leukotriene antagonists,methotrexate and monoclonal antibodies are other treatment options.Thyroid disease like Hashimotos too can cause chronic hives. PROLONGED exposure to steroids can lead to Cushings syndrome and put you at risk of chronic hives.Cushings directly leading to hives may happen though rare. I suggest that you get work up done for thyroid disease and Cushings.Take care!

  2. Hi..
    It looks more like some kind of reaction only as it comes and goes..

    Can you please tell that have you got any tests done for the same like allergy tests, hormonal profile etc?

    Please revert back..


  3. Hi
    This is drug interaction , try skipping 1 dose of your medication , if this does not help , then you probably have polycystic ovarian syndrome , which can cause menopause like symptoms (hot flushes)
    Good Luck

  4. Hi,
    In my opinion this can be cholinergic urticaria,
    Try cool shower, press a cloth soaked in cool water to your skin, or stand in front of a fan.
    Wear loose clothes.
    Keep your home and bedroom at a cool temperature.
    If stress causes your hives, try to avoid situations that upset you. Find ways to calm down and manage it.