I have this rash for some time now, please advise?

I notice the patch looking rash about 7month ago and now its back and it stay on for 2 month now Age: 29 Female


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4 Comments on “I have this rash for some time now, please advise?

  1. Hi.
    Thanks for the query..

    I have examined the image and it is appearing like allergic reaction..
    I would like to know the following details so that I can guide you better..
    -Can you please tell that is this patch itchy?
    -Is it appearing raised from the surface?
    -Are there similar patches on any other part of body?

    Please revert back with answers.


  2. Also please tell that do you have any medical problems or are you on any medication?
    Do you have any known allergies?

  3. Im not sure if im allergic to other things but beside pork meat. The rash is smooth to the touch and sometime gets itchy other than that i feel normal, just the look of it scares me

  4. Hi..
    Thanks for the reply..

    Well, it is probably allergic reaction only.
    I would suggest you to consult a Skin specialist and get evaluated.
    A mild steroid ointment and and anti allergics can help..
    You can also get an allergy test done to rule out the exact nature of allergen..
    Avoid scratching it vigorously if it itches..

    Hope this helps..


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