I have this feeling of constant pressure in “glabella region” ?

Hi, for the last couple of months i have this feeling of constant pressure in “glabella region”, its not painful just the feeling of constant pressure, at times i get this odd sensation of feeling high. On two seperate occassions i felt my vision go black for a fraction of seconds like i am going to passout. I am worried it might be a tumor, can you please advice on what types of test should i get done just to be one the safe side.
(Thank you)


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  1. Hi..
    Thanks for the query..

    First of all get an MRI Scan done so that the exact cause of the symptoms and accordingly further investigations shall be done..
    Also get a complete blood picture and Vitamin B 12 and Iron levels done..

    Hope this helps..

  2. I have been experiencing similar symptoms. I have gone to see multiple doctors but none of them seem to know what my problem is exactly. Did you manage to find out the cause behind your symptoms? My symptoms are driving me crazy and at this point I will just be happy to get a little direction in my search to find an expert who can help me with my condition. Thanks.

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