I have the flu over and over again. Its been 3 years?

I am female 24 years of age.
I have seen doctor after doctor and getting nowhere.
Its like i have the flu over and over again.
Its been 3 years
But the last 5months have been hard.
I get bruise like marks on my body
Tiny red dot rash along my spin
Extremely bad chest pains
Pain in my right ribs
I loss weight and vomit
I get the pimple like holes that come in 3 monts in shape of a triangle.
Mostly on my legs
Bad night sweats and cold sweats in the day.
I have tested positive in blood test for inflammation amd blockage
My white cells get high. The highest being 22,500.
My bones hurt i feel bruised body wide

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  1. Hi there
    I need to ask you a few questions before i can give you a helpfull answer
    Are you on any type of steroid medication ?
    Are you on any type of anti allergic medication or anti histaminic?
    Can you test your T4,TSH levels ?

    Persistent flu like symptoms often seen in pateints with COPD , most of the flu treatments can worsen your condition if you have Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
    I recommend you do pulmonary function tests.

    Good Luck

  2. I recommend going directly to ANA test…your symptoms are very common with lupus..
    Sorry for that …
    May be it is other disorder with similar symptoms but you should check this first..
    What medications do you take?

  3. hi
    this seems to be a chronic inflammatory disease associated with low immunity.
    this may be related to hormonal disturbances as well.
    get thyroid / parathyroid and ANA with CRPs done.
    take immune boosters and vitamin supplements.

  4. Can you send me a photo for the bruises and the tiny red dots… ?

    Its kinda vasculitus or its like TB symptoms

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