I have the flu and bronchitis to go with or some type of lung infection?

hey Im pretty certain I have the flu and bronchitis to go with or some type of lung infection I’m taking niocitran my question is do I need to go see a doctors to get a prescription for antibiotics or will the niocitran do its job iv never taken it before as I live in Australia and not sure we even have it there, I’m over sees atm so not sure what to do cheers for the help

Age: 21
Medications: niocitran
General Information: cough, trouble breathing, headaces, sore overall body feeling sluggish

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  1. If you have a Cold, Influenza (flu) or Bronchitis, it should resolve by itself within a week to 2 weeks (maybe max of 3 weeks for Bronchitis). No antibiotics are needed. Drink lots of liquids, get plenty of rest and take OTC pain relievers to reduce the pain. If you experience high fever (over 101), difficulty breathing, severe chest or stomach pain, dizziness, severe vomiting, coughing up thick green mucus or blood you need to consult a Doctor. If symptoms last longer than the 2 to 3 weeks you also need to consult.

  2. Hi.
    Thanks for the query..

    From the symptoms that you have explained in the general information section it looks like viral infection and yes can be probably Bronchitis.

    It is generally viral infection and in viral infection antibiotics are not needed as they fight against bacterial infection and not viral..

    At times there is a superseded bacterial infection that might need antibiotics..

    Niocitran contains Pseudoephadrine tgat is a decongestant and can help.

    Along with it you should also take cough suppressant containing Dextromethorphan.
    Take antihistamine like Levocetrizine.
    Do warm saline gargles, steam inhalation and use a humidifier in your room.
    Chew a vitamin c pellet daily as it helps in boosting immunity.
    Drink plenty of warm water.
    Avoid spicy foods.
    Take sufficient rest.
    If there is no improvement consult an Emergency room or a Physician and get a bllod test and chest x ray done..

    Hope this helps..


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