I have subclinical hypothyroidism?

I have subclinical hypothoroid.my tsh level is 5.226 and t4 &t3 is normal. My colsrol level is high on border line.please advise.


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2 Comments on “I have subclinical hypothyroidism?

  1. Hi..
    The TSH levels are considerably high as it should be within 4 mIU/L.
    So yours is high..

    If T3 and T4 is normal then it is an early sign of hypothyroidism..

    If Cholesterol levels are also borderline high then you should as of now start with lifestyle and diet modifications..

    Consult a Dietitian and get a proper diet chart formulated as per your height, weight and daily routine..

    It can help you to a greater extent..

    Get regular monitoring done to avoid progress of disease..

    Hope this helps..


  2. Hi..
    For now start cutting on fats and refund carbs, add more of green vegetables and fruits in diet..
    Drink plenty of water.
    Do regular workout..
    Cardiovascular exercises like aerobics and yoga are helpful..

    Hope this helps..

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