I have strange “bites” or “rash”, please advise?

Trying to find out what these strange “bites” or “rash” places are. Small red bumps in nearly a “V” shape. They do NOT itch. Not really any pain or anything. Maybe something viral? I have had something going on with RUQ abdomen into lower area toward hip, intermittent pain and bouts of nausea. Not sure if it could be related. The area on back of upper left arm appeared 1 day ago (a few random spots on other areas of left arm, maybe 4 other spots), area on mid/upper left back appeared today. Thought possibly shingles but again, no itching or pain. Any ideas?


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2 Comments on “I have strange “bites” or “rash”, please advise?

  1. Hi..
    It looks like insect bits only..

    Do not worry, it will heal soon..

    If it is itchy you can take anti allergics like benadryl for relief..

    You can apply calamine lotion to soothe the skin..

    Do cool compresses over it..

    Hope this helps..


  2. Hi..
    In case if you get repeated episodes of the same marks then you can check for bed bugs and once put the bedsheets and mattresses in hot sun..


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