I have started waking up at night coughing up fluid and feeling like “drowning “?

Hi! I’m a 41 year old woman, non-smoking and generally in good health. In the past couple months I have started waking up at night coughing up fluid and feeling like “drowning “. Before Christmas last year I had a 3 weeks period during which I had daily heart palpitations. I didn’t think much of it since I sometimes get palpitations if stressed out. However now having these nightly coughing fits, started thinking those may be related. I read online, that fluids collecting in lungs could possibly have to do with heart.

I have had a couple of colds this winter and got antibiotics for sinus infection which healed fine. I also have seasonal allergies which I take Claritin occasionally.

I appreciate your answers and recommendations. Thanks.

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  1. hi,
    yes,you are right.
    it may be related to heart,but not always.
    get a ecg and 2D echo done to confirm.
    A chest Xray,spirometry and HRCT chest will rule out underlying lung disease.

  2. I am afraid this is mostly signs of heart problem … I recommend u to do ECG, echo, liver function tests

    Due u feel tired on exertion ??
    Any Odema in the legs?
    Any pain in the abdomen??

  3. In my opinion this cough is a complication of post nasal discharges at night, and bronchitis ,also anaemia is possible according to the history of long menstrual period,
    CBC and chest functions evaluation should be done with a specialist ..
    I recommend treating any sinusitis very well and using incentive spirometer to strength your coughing efficiency ..

  4. Hi..
    Thanks for the query..

    Your symptoms can be related to acid reflux , do you also have symptoms like heartburn, bitter fluid in mouth etc?
    If you have heart palpitations too then you need to get an Echocardiogram also done..
    A Chest x ray should also be done..

    Hope this helps..

  5. Hi
    I recommend that you do a chest X-ray to check your lung along with a heart echo to check your heart, I do not think ecg will be significant
    Good Luck

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