5 Comments on “I have something broke out all over me what could this be?

  1. hi
    this may be a generalised skin allergic reaction or dermatitis.
    needs immediate medical attention.
    consult a dermatologist.

  2. Hi
    This is a drug allergy or acute HIV infection , i recommend that you see a doctor immediately

    Good Luck

  3. Looks like an alleric reaction ..
    Use corticosteroid cream and an oral anti histaminic ..
    Make a food diary to detect what caused this allergy.
    Is it itchy?
    If creams are not enough for good results see a dermatologist for a corticosteroid injection prescription.

  4. definitely an allergic reaction.
    anti allergic systemic medicines with local creams will be of help

  5. Urticaria

    Seek dermatological assistance

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