I have slowly lost my taste and smell, what has caused this?

In the last year I have slowly lost my taste and smell. I can taste extreme tastes like sugar and salt. This started in Dec ,’16 after a bad cold and has gotten worse since then. My teeth have gotten really bad in the last few years and I am going in for dentures. I am 76. Maybe you could tell me what has caused this……(—)

Age: 76
Medications: Eliquis 5mg, cartia xt 120mg, terazosin 5mg and multi vitiamins.
General Information: No.

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  1. This is Anosmia. Loss of smell and taste. And because smell and taste are related, you are tasting less. There seems to be two probable factors at work here: 1, Anosmia is a normal consequence of the aging process. especially after 60 years of age. 2. Anosmia can also be caused by nasal congestion.. In your case your “bad cold” may have triggered the process. Of course an examination by an ENT can rule out any other problem.

  2. Hi..
    If it started with cold then it can be due to sinus congestion..
    Other cause can be nerve related problems..
    So first of all get the cause evaluated..
    Consult an Otorhinolaryngologist and get evaluated..

    Hope this helps..

  3. allergic rhinitis,sinus problems can cause anosmia.
    Age related degeneration is another possibility
    Get an ENT evaluation done
    take care

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