I have slightly blurred vision, numbness in hands and legs?

Male:26 years old. Symptoms started 3 months back.1) Floaters in eyes (have increased and permanent),slightly blurred vision,sensitive to brightness & light 2)Very mild tremor in hands 3)Occasional numbness in hands and legs (Now better) 4) Bilirubin level very slightly high (1.1) (now below 1 i.e 0.5-0.6) 5) Little fatigue (Now better)
) Had very minor rash on both shoulder and nose (skin colored and non itchy) still there. HIV, HCV, HBV, HAV all negative.. kindly suggest what it is and what test you recommend.


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  1. Hi
    I recommend checking your blood glucose and Doing a brain angiography
    Have you been traveling lately?
    Good Luck

  2. hi,
    this seems to be related to an underlying cranial issue.
    u need to see a neurologist to rule out cranial nerve affection,especially optic nerve.

  3. Hi..
    Thanks for the query..

    It looks like some nerve related or brain related issues.
    Get an MRI done and also Vitamin B12 levels checked..

    Consult a Neurophysician and get evaluated..

    Hope this helps..

  4. These symptoms can indicate either a vascular problem or neurological problem I recommend first brain MRI ..

  5. Are u diabetic??

    This is suggesting diabetis

    Opthamological review
    Random blood sugar
    Fasting blood sugar
    And thyroid profile

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