I have sinus. Infections a lot and allergies. Had two sinus surgeries?

I am 45 female . I have sinus. Infections a lot and allergies. Had two sinus surgeries. Feel infection coming on now. I also have acid reflux. I take klonipin Effexor Prilosec Zyrtec and on antibiotics often. I do smoke . But my question is I do get oral thrush from using Flonase sometimes. I can see white spots on my uvula . Now I have a red uvula and don’t know if coming from antibiotics. Or sinus dripping or acid reflux or thrush. Constant tickle and cough in throat and itchy ears inside and blocked ears . Do you think it’s thrush coming from augmentin or from allergies or sinuses or acid reflux. Sinuses bad right now and allergies and reflux. ?????? I’ve been taking thrush pills Incase . Lozenges has from doctor before . And also take probiotic between the antibiotics during day

Age: 45
Medications: Effexor klonipin nac supplement probiotics Zyrtec Flonase
General Information: Didn’t know if itchy inside ears and sometimes white spots on uvula and red and itchy nose from antibiotics and too much in body or from sinuses allergies or acid reflux .

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  1. Hello. If redness of uvula is accompanied by fever, headaches, and body aches it is probably the beginning of a viral or bacterial infection. If tonsils get covered with white spots you need to consult. Keep monitoring the situation and consult if necessary. If no fever, headaches, or body aches it may just be the beginning of a fungal infection (thrush). If white spots appear on uvula it will be thrush. Use your antifungal lozenges and gargle with warm salt water. Also antibiotics should be taken with care and kept to a strict need to use basis. Regards

  2. Hi.
    Thanks for writing to us.

    If you have white spots on uvula and also there is redness of uvula then it is due to Uvulitis and your symptoms looks more like infection.
    Post nasal drip can also lead to infection as it is infectious draining mucous down the throat.

    You should consult an Emergency room or a Physician and get checked.

    A throat swab culture can help in confirmation of the exact cause.

    If infection is confirmed then you need to take antibiotics.

    For now Do warm saline gargles, steam inhalation and using a humidifier in your room can be very much relieving.
    -You can also suck throat lozenges to soothe the throat and uvula..
    -Gargle with numbing mouthwash containing Lignocaine..
    -Gargle with antiseptic solution like few drops of betadine in water..
    -Chew Vitamin C pellets to boost up the immunity..
    -Avoid spicy and chilled foods..


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