I have side effects after taking tamsulosine?

I have side effects after taking tamsulosine. I took it because of urine retention. I had one box 2 years ago and still have major problems. Bigest is erectil disfunction, with pain in muscle im whole body, stuffy nose, constipation, noisiea… What can i do to improve my function? Can alfa agonists help? Have you heard of similar problem before? Can you help me somehow, because nobody can? A im healty in all diagnose..very depressed

Age: 34
Medications: None

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  1. Tamsulosin is the first line treatment for BPH and is a selective alpha-1 blocker. It does have side effects. Yes, some patients complain of side effects like you – reduced sex drive etc. You should speak to your doctor for alternative alpha blocker treatments. Also, some men have had success with herbal supplements such as Stinging nettle, Beta-sitosterol, Pygeum, Rye grass, Saw palmetto. Speak to your doctor before stopping or changing your treatments.

  2. Original Poster: I think you didnt understand me. I stopped taking tamsulosin 2 years ago and still have all those side effects. What happend to my body? Could this help me: A61603 hydrobromide? It is a selective alfa 1A receptor agonist. Tamsulosine is antagonist of that receptors. Could my receptors still be blocked? And that i am suffering because of that. Or what else?? PLEASE help me understand what happend to me. I drunk many natural suplements, but nothing helps. Also Viagra, Kamagra, Cialis….all useless

  3. Hello. I don’t think your problems are related to ceasing Tamsulosin. There is probably another condition causing these symptoms. I don’t see how A61603 hydrobromide will help if you haven’t identified the problem yet? You will need to undertake further investigations to identify the exact problem. You need to examine all possibilities. Regards.

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