4 Comments on “I have Short Urinary tract (yuretra) and also burning in urinary tract.. what medicine is good?

  1. Hi
    You need urine test and culture, until then your current medications are for symptoms management.

  2. hi,
    u seem to have urinary tract infection.
    Start on antibiotics and alkalisers. drink plenty of fluids.
    A usg abdomen should be done to rule out cystitis and renal calculi.
    retrograde uretreroscopy should be done to rule out any intra mucosal lesions in the urethra.

  3. In my opinion you should get an antibiotic in addition to your medications based on the burning which may indicate infection.. A broad spectrum uti antibiotic can help..
    stop using products or doing activities that can irritate your urethra. These can include using scented soaps or going on long bike rides.

  4. First do urine analysis before taking antibiotic ,

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