I have shooting pain when bending or moving?

Shifted hips running playing soccer . Lost all leg function temporarily . Now I have shooting pain when bending or moving . When I walk certain steps my legs give out. It takes 10 min to walk to rests room. Rolling over in bed requires a certain route or it’s noy possible. I tried ice & heat and Advil . Where should I go and what should I do . Iv fallen over walking 4 different times in the last 3 hours

Age: 32
Medications: None

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  1. Hello. You need to go to ER (A&E) and get some imaging tests done x-ray and scan. You may also need brain and spine scan if you hit your head or have reduced sensibility in legs. Regards

  2. Hi.
    You need professional reduction of the hip joint if it is shifted or displaced.

    So you should immediately consult an Orthopedic surgeon and get evaluated.

    An x ray and complete spine MRI should be done.

    Proper management of hip joint and then proper Physiotherapy can help in improvement.

    Hope this helps..


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