I have severe lower abdominal cramping and severe lower abdominal enlargement?

I am 38 year old female with adenomyosis. Main symptoms for the past few years have been irregular menstrual cycles. severe lower abdominal cramping and severe lower abdominal enlargement. Progressively getting worse symptom worse over the past few years. However for the past few months the symptoms have increased significantly in particular lower abdominal enlargement and regular cramping too. Is this mid normal for this condition?? Should the cramping and abdominal enlargement be this severe? And how irregular should my cycles be?? Since yesterday cramping has been terrible, and just like a feeling of severe pressure pushing low down. Is there anything I can do for this??

Age: 38
Medications: None.

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  1. Hi.
    Adenmyosis can cause bloating that can cause abdominal distention due to pressure over the bowels causing excessive gas formation..

    You should consult a Gynaecologist and get evaluated..

    The ultimate treatment of Adenomyosis is Hysterectomy.
    Although in child bearing age the symptoms should be managed with medicne.
    So you should proceed as per the severity of the problem.

    Hope this helps..


  2. Although some women suffering from Adenomyosis have no symptoms, others with severe cases of Adenomyosis experience many symptoms including menstrual bleeding that can last 2 weeks, sudden sharp abdominal pain, severe nausea and bloating resembling a 6+ months pregnancy. Your symptoms seem pretty bad. Hysterectomy could be a definite solution for you. Consult your Doctor.

  3. Hi thank you so much for your reply. Yes understand fully what you are saying about hysterectomy being the only long term “cure” for the condition. Do you have any idea what the sudden extreme cramping and lots of pressure low down in my uterus/lower abdomen that I have experienced over the past 48 hrs could be?? Is that just part and parcel of this condition?? Has been steadily getting worse especially over the past 6hrs etc and continuing to do so??!

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