I have scoliosis on the lower part of my spine?

Hi I have scoliosis on the lower part of my spine. The curve bends to the left and is around a 32-37 degree curve. My left leg is about .5 inches shorter than the other. I am 21 years old and was wondering if I could do squats and deadlifts as part of my exercise routine if i have a balance correction insert in my shoe.


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2 Comments on “I have scoliosis on the lower part of my spine?

  1. Hi..
    Scoliosis is a medical condition in which the spine becomes turned and rotated sideways..
    It can cause imbalance in the size of legs..
    But in individuals with Scoliosis squats i commonly not advised and if at all you do it should be under proper supervision of a Physician trainer..
    If not done with care it can cause worsening of the symptoms..

    Hope this helps..

  2. Hi..
    There are certain yoga poses and physiotherapy exercises that can be helpful..
    Consult a certified physical trainer and do any physical activity under his/her supervision..
    However physical activity is not restricted in scoliosis patients so do not worry about it..


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