I have pimples that look like tiny worms, tried ivermectin?

Help me please! I pulled this out of my face. It looked like a pimple. I have other pimples that now look like tiny worms in my face, arms, and legs. I expelled one 2 inches long in my in my stool. It was flat with dark then light square pattern. I have tried ivermectin in desperation. But I don’t know if that’s what I should be taking and how long to take it. They came out my eyes too, looked like little hairs and larvae. I had slight edema in my ankle and sometimes feel stickyness on my skin. I keep getting things inside me. I was cleaning a dirty stove today and a red dot attatched to my leg, that turned into a worm after I tried to scrape it off. It then had little ones spread around it. I’m really scared. Please help me!
Age: 39
Medications: None, but tried ivermectin


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  1. Hi
    It is called white worms, it is actually pus covered by your skin, it usually arise if you have sever abdominal infection or low hygiene , I also need to know if you have anus itching or any other respiratory problems , depending on your answer I can guide you better, for now it is nothing serious, see a dermatologist and an internal medicine doctor , if that is not available I will expect your reply about my questions
    Good Luck

  2. Hi,
    These are pus filled pimples due to low hygenic level or infection , i recommend a stool analysis , and try maintaining clean skin and you can use a skin rinse solution .

  3. Hello, thank you for your reply. I thought I posted a picture but it didn’t show up. I actually pulled a fly or flea thing out of the first pimple. I am super hygienic, hardly ever have any type of acne. No respiratory or abdominal problems, and no anal itch. I’m very healthy besides this. Someone crashed through my house and the cleaning of the old broken basement wall is what started it all. I felt being bit the whole time, just couldn’t see anything. The dirty stove is due to the crash as well. Same old wall I was cleaning. My skin is thinning and wrinkling. I had very healthy skin before.

  4. Hi..
    Your symptoms are clear indication of Infection that can be an outcome of poor hygiene.
    The skin pores can get occluded and infected..
    You should consult an Emergency room and get evaluated..
    A stool analysis and microscopy of pus should be done..
    Also use a mild soap and warm water for cleaning..
    Also upload clear pictures so that I can advise you better..


  5. I have really good hygiene. I only use Noxema on my face and shower 1 to 3 times per day. Definitely not that. I think I picked something up cleaning the 100 year old wall. It seems like a sand flea, I realize that it would be extremely rare. So I’m trying to see what else would be more likely. I don’t drink or use drugs. I don’t have any past psych history.

  6. The “pimple” became red, sore, and had an opening after a week with a pus colored larva looking thing around 2 mm in diameter poking through and moved around. I used the center of an olive fork to slide over it and expel it. I was surprised it came out brown. Under a magnifier could see it was clearly a fly or flea. There was also another “pimple” containing a pre- pupa ( I think?) pinkish and looks like a jelly shell. This one I removed a few cm away from the “fly” pimple. Have pics and saved that sample as well. It looks to have lost color and now is Vitamin E colored and possibly shrunk. I have it in between tape but left air around it. I hope this info helps more

  7. Hi..
    In that case a picture of the worm and the lesion on the face has to be seen.
    Please click pictures and upload for further diagnosis..


  8. Hi
    Your symptoms does not point to a specific problem, so did you travel lately?
    I recommend using Dapsone
    It should be the best choice if it’s a bug bite that caused systemic infection
    Good Luck

  9. I live in PA and have not traveled outside the United States. I really think I have onchocerca and Loa Loa. I have swelling between my thumb and pointer finger. I felt something in my eye area. Vision gets blurry sometimes. No previous vision problems

  10. I am currently experiencing the same thing. And currently looking for answers. However in the process of doing so I stumbled on this article yesterday. Click on link and scroll down to the actual documents of these patients claim of their symptoms. It seems there is a higher percentage of women who get these sores in their scalp. Not to mention what all of them extracted from these “seed like” pimples are the same fibrous and “shard” like things that I have. I also read there is an outbreak of this that has been kept silent and public unaware of in Georgia. There may be more states that have an outbreak. But I haven’t came across it yet, as I’ve just recently began my research on the subject. I hope this helps


  11. Gates released mosquitoes in Georgia for some unknown reason. Yes we know the bullcrap story his paid trolls tell.

  12. Most doctors are uneducated in the matter of parasitology. If you see things comming out of your skin after taking ivermectin, that is actually good news. This means the parasites are fleeing your body. There are in fact nearly 400 types of parasitic helminth infections. And no they dont need to be from bad hygiene. The have very many different modes of infection. Such as strongeloides from walking on dirt or riverbliness from a fly bite. If you suspect a parasite visit an actual parasitologist. Physicians are just not educated well enough and may actually think your delusional and try to refer you to a psychologist. Unfortunately this is how they have been trained.

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