I have pain in my kidney, taking allopathy and homeopathy?

Age:25, Gender: Male

Hello doctor recently I have pain in my kidney so I went to.doctor he suggested ultrasound in the report I had 2 kidney stone one of left and other on right measuring 4.2 and 4.4 I had endoscopy I had hpolyri virus and doctor gave me medicine ..I had redness at the tip of my penis and started to get itching in my genitals and it’s been 2 months that my redness has not gone I have completed the course now I see small blister on the shaft of my penis when I take medicine.i changed my medicine from allopathy to homepathy after completing the course of 14 days for h ployri and kidney stones again I took kidney stone medicine …My age is 25 I am afraid of STD/hiv

More details about the presenting complaint:
I have pain in urinatination.Redness at the tip of penis and itching in back and also in genitala..rashes at the back and allergy

Previous history of the same issue:
Had a kidney stone

Current medications:
Hemopathic Hydrangea arborescens Berberies vulgaris

Lab tests performed:
Endoscopy Urine test Ultrasound


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2 Comments on “I have pain in my kidney, taking allopathy and homeopathy?

  1. Hi..
    Can you please tell the names of Allopathic medicines that you are taking?
    -Do you also see any white coating or white patches over the penis head?
    -Do you have itching on the back only or other parts of body too?
    -Do you have any medical problems or any known allergies?

    Please revert back with answers..


  2. Hi..
    Also can you get a penile swab culture and blood culture done and upload the reports?


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