I have numbness in my fingers and feet – Feel angry and Frustrated

My personality has changed? I’m really snappy and frustrated all the time I have numbness in my fingers and feet, my knees and hips really hurt especially behind my knee cap, I’m covered in bites and I feel there is a blockage in my back passage, I feel really angry inside I want to explode!!!! I have had blood tests but nothing has showed up, I feel really teary with a sharp pain in my Breast I have loose stools and I have a lipoma on my lumber spine that’s causing me a lot of pain and stiffness, if I’ve been laying down for a long time my back really throbs, my hips and joint crack and click a lot too I feel like I’m 90 years old. What is wrong with me? Can it be anxiety that is causing this?


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2 Comments on “I have numbness in my fingers and feet – Feel angry and Frustrated

  1. U are suffering from anxiety. And hormonal imbalance.
    Take anti anxiety medicine. Do meditation

  2. if it doesnt help, take rest, analgesics,get a back mri done