I have noticed the palms of my had turn red on and off for about a month?

I have noticed the palms of my had turn red on and off for about a month. I am 67 just had a CMP test everything within normal range. The reason I noticed was there is a small nodule under my ring finger that appears to be extending towards the finger. No pain or discomfort at all. My Dr. said she thought it was a cyst, I’ve had many cysts, this does not feel like one, as it is extending to the finger. She said the red palms were probably a circulation, and I take drugs that could be a factor. However, I have been taking the same drugs for 10 years. I do use a lot of prednisone for nasal pollups.

Age: 67
Medications: plavix, lipitor, metropol, singulair, flomax
General Information: Main artery stent 2007
Stage one melonoma 2012….revoved in office.
Just had a chest xray, thyroid test, CMP, within the last 60 days all good results

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  1. Most lumps on fingers are benign cysts. Could be filled with pus or feel hard to the touch. If there is no pain, or does not cause any problems with movement or numbness it usually is quite harmless. If it becomes uncomfortable it could be surgically removed or drained. If it feels like a bone growth – -especially if it is on or adjacent to finger joint, it could be a sign of Arthritis setting in. Along with joint lumps, Arthritis would cause numbness, heat and pain in some joints. As far as the change of color in hands, yes it can definitely be due to circulation issues. If nodule grows or become painful you should consult your Doctor.

  2. Hi.
    Thanks for the query..

    Redness in palms can be due to circulation issues, however if there is any itching associated with it then it can be some kind of allergic reaction..

    A nodule on finger can be a cyst or bone hypertrophy..

    A clinical examination and an x ray can help in confirmation of the nature of the cyst..

    So my suggestion is to get checked accordingly..

    In case if it is a cyst it can be removed if it is annoying for you..

    Hope this helps..


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