I have many symptoms: chills, shakiness, trouble sleeping, weakness, need second doctor opinion?

Hi. I’m 34 guy. I have been having some symptoms that are of great concern to me like chills (that feel like they hurt my bones), bad shakiness that can be in my hands legs or torso, extreme and when I do I wake up every 45-60 min sweating and in terror (Like a night terror but when I remember they dreams they aren’t bad), sometime I hallucinate sights and sounds (maybe from lack of sleep), and when I eat regardless of what I develop a burning sweat like a sunburn, not like eating spicy food. I tried different diet and nothing has worked. The last blood test I had showed my thyroid level as 9.43 and I had was told I’m slightly anemic but none of the tests showed anything except that my stored iron was high but my iron level was good. At the same time I injured my neck and have developed a stabbing sensation then feels like an electric shock to the right of my spine. Every time I have gone to the doctors office or emergency room they treat me like I am looking for pain medication even though I state I don’t want any I want help and a diagnosis. These symptoms have been going on for 6 months or more but my previous doctors told me it was in my head or referred me to a specialist who said it wasn’t their field and I got ping ponged back and forth between my general doctor and random specialist. I just moved to a new state and am trying to find a general doctor, I’m on Medicaid so it’s not easy. Many times they label me as seeking pain medication even tho I specifically tell them I don’t want it, I want help and a diagnosis. Some doctors have suspected an autoimmune disease. I have lost a great deal of muscle and strength. From being a construction working carrying 50+lbs of materials to not being able to carry my small children at times. Can someone please help me? Is their something I’m doing wrong, or a better way to talk to a general doctor about my problems where they won’t treat me poorly? I’m going insane from all of this and don’t know what to do about it.

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  1. In my opinion you can be suffering an autoimmune disorder that needs some I vestigations like CRP test and ANA ..
    Other possibility is parathyroid dysfunction.

  2. Hi
    Can you please provide more detailed information , what was 9.43 T4,T3 or TSH ?
    I need to know each of T4 , T3 , TSH

    Hyperthyroidism can cause sever anxiety and stress
    Alsi hypothyroidism can cause hallucinations as if your losing your mind + muscle weakness

    I will wait for your reply
    Or you can see an endocrinologist

    Good Luck

  3. My TSH is 9.43 and my T4 is 6.1 their were no T3 results on the test

  4. Hello mike , this is clearly hypothyroidism(mild) and your pituitary gland is trying to fix your problem
    An endocrinologist should prescribe Levothyroxine
    Should be adjusted as 1.5mcg per kg ( need your weight )

    Your Doctors were not concerned with your test because pituitary gland is compansating successfully
    Still i do not think it should be roled out

    Good Luck

  5. Levothyroxine is usually taken for 3 month then recheck dose
    U can use for one week to see if it will help
    Good Luck

  6. hi
    this seems to be disorder associated with thyroid metabolism. get a thyroid assay with thyroid biopsy to confirm the diagnosis.

  7. HI

  8. hello there
    auto immunity seems to be the major cause.get detailed investigations done.
    HLA B27,thyroids,and CRP need to be checked.

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