I have low blood readings of red blood cells?

I have low blood readings of red blood cells 2.2, white blood cells 3.3, hgb of 10.2, hct of 28, and platelets normal but come down from 290 to 226. These readings seem a little not good to me especially since a few have come down a little lower when I checked them last. Doctors have said they are low but not to be concerned about them and fluff them off, in addition to not telling me what exactly is causing all of this to go lower.
I have had chronic illness for years (allergies lupus and bronchospasm) but am used to having good blood readings in blood counts and being able to walk even though I had pains then too.
(not so bad to do this)
Am I to believe that because I can’t eat fruit now (because of worsening allergies) that these readings are now that much lower from where they were just a few years ago? That was the only change in my diet since then. I have worsening all over body pains so bad I have trouble moving now and difficulty walking and even standing as well as chronic dyspnea. Thank you.

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  1. Your readings are below normal range. But Lupus will do that. However they should not be totally disregarded – speak to your Doctor to confirm whether other tests such as a white blood cell differential test should be done to confirm your readings are in fact a result of the Lupus.

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