I have lost some sensation in my feet, feeling numbness and tingling sensation?

I have had severe problems with tingling in my feet. It began in my right foot and later moved on to my left foot. I also have a little numbness sensation. Feels very painful especially during the evening. It seems to get worse then. Feels like pins and needles, tingling, and some slight burning pain. What can it be?

Age: 33
Medications: Advil

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  1. Hello. In my opinion, you are suffering from neurogenic pain caused by small or large neuropathy.
    – other issue may involve some soft tissue involvement or some vascular compromise to nerves You should consult with a neurologist and first undergo a NCV and EMG, This will detect if there is an issue with a large neuropathy. If all ok, there can be a possibility of small fiber neuropathy, which is not detected in routine NCV test. In that case you may need a QSART (quantitative sudomotor axon reflex test), arterial doppler, and SSR (sympathetic skin response) test which will indicate if there is a small neuropathy which is causing the pain. Appropriate treatment will be recommended. Regards

  2. Hello. I have been previously diagnosed by EMG with carpal tunnel & mild cubital tunnel syndrome and fear my condition may have worsened from a work injury due to an increase in floating pain and numbness. Mild to severe pain in joints & muscles as well, with passing numbness in digits and toes. I have a family history of heart problems, strokes, diabetes, & arthritis and a recent history of high blood pressure for the past 8 years. I also have severe heartburn with acid reflux. Is there a way to tell these symptoms apart as I fear some of them may be indicators of a heart attack or early onset diabetes. I treat myself using a low-dose aspirin regime, over-the-counter orthopedic braces, and a low-sodium, low cholesterol diet. What further testing can I request from my doctor?

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