I have long term diarrhea and it doesn’t stop for months?

Hello, I am 26 years old male.
I have long term diarrhea and it doesn’t stop for months.
So I consulted at a local hospital taking blood test and supersonic body check, and also had an endoscope.
The result was fine – blood test was fine, liver wasn’t bad, but had a bit of atrophic gastritis – not serious I was said.
And they asked me to take tetracycline and loperamid(if tetra doesn’t work). So took tetra 3 days and loperamid 1 day. At first it looked like it’s working but after couple of weeks, I was having diarrhea again. I took tetra and loperamid, but it temporarily fix the problem and it comes again.
I am living with other friends and they are fine, so guess it’s not the food. And yes, when I drink beer even a cup, it gets very serious.

What kind of treatment should I do and what kind of additional check should I take?

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  1. hi
    this is due to a condition called irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).
    All the tests will be negative in this case but the intestinal mucosa is very sensitive causing recurrent episodes of diarrhoea.
    intestinal mucosal biopsy will confirm the diagnosis.

  2. In my opinion you are treating a symptom by loperamide as it reduce the diarrhea but not treating the cause which seems to be celiac disease..
    Try gluten free diet and gluten free bear and see the results ..

  3. In my opinion you should try streptoquin
    It is very powerful take 2 pills

    I recommend T4 , Tsh tests for hyperthyroidism, also do tTG-IgA test
    If you have a food allergie it can cause chronic diarrhoea
    Did you do a stool test ?

    Good Luck

  4. If you are having diarrhea for months as you mentioned, you would be admitted to hospital ..
    Could you please describe me the diarrhea, the consistency, frequency per day, watery or not ,, with mucous or not, amount approximately,

    Try to quit beer

    Do stool analysis , i think its the key..

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