I have joint pain and muscle spasms since 2011, now developed numbness in legs?

I am a 31 year old female with joint pain and muscle spasms since 2011 all limbs and back. Have periods were i have no symptoms and periods were i can barely walk or carry out daily activities.Been to drs a few time prescribed Naproxen tramadol etc but no diagnosis. Have now developed numbness in legs on and off and have burning and tingling in face. Have also has shingles in face 3 times in 8 months. Any ideas what could be the cause? I’m very bad pain wise at the minute.

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  1. Hi and welcome to question doctors.com then I think it may be something – systemic that can be diagnosed by doing ESR MRI brain .. If nothing is up… It can be only calcium and vitamin deficiency..

  2. Many auto immune disease can cause this
    Also other conditions like multiple sclerosis is possible
    Also nerve neuropathy is considered
    Good Luck

  3. Based on what you have narrated, it is PROBABLE that you have an auto immune condition known as multiple sclerosis. This means that the body’s immune system which normally protects us from infections mistakenly attacks itself, in particular, the covering of the nerves which is called the myelin sheath. This may explain the on and off character of the numbness and the pain. The symptoms are usually triggered by stress or hormonal changes as what occurs when you get your period. Since the immune system is involved, one with this condition tend to have recurrent infections such as shingles. The cause for such, unfortunately, is unknown and this condition is life long. However, as my opinion is based on what you have posted, it is still best to have yourself checked by your GP or a neurologist so that they can perform a complete physical examination on you as well as do some tests to confirm the diagnosis. There are a lot of other conditions that may present similarly such as vitamin or mineral deficiencies and these conditions are easily treatable. I hope I was able to help you in some way and I pray you feel better soon.

  4. See a Neurologist…could be CMT. Claire-Marie-Tooth A debilitating disease that affects your extremities.

  5. hi,
    auto immune disease along with a sign of hormonal disturbance is more likely. Needs a detailed blood evaluation. consult a physician and a neurologist,

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  7. hello there
    multiple sclerosis is one of the diagnosis yes,but may other auto immune issues often present in a similar fashion. do you have any symptoms related to bones,joints or heart ?

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