I have itchy skin at the back of my right thigh what kind of skin condition is this?

hi, im 22 this year, female. i have been have itchy skin at the back of my right thigh. it doesn’t get itchy all the time but randomly and each time last for hours or til the next day. the itching even occur right after showering sometimes. the other parts of my body is fine though just the back of my thigh. have been suffering from this for almost 2 years already. have been using anti fungal cream, moisturizer, aloevera but nothing seems to help. please advise what kind of skin condition is this, what do i need to do.

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  1. That seems like allergic dermatitis, a use of antihistaminic and a corticosteroid ointment can help..

  2. Hi
    This is contact dermatitis probably from your shampoo or shower gel, try changing it
    Good Luck

  3. Try to use topical steroids with emollients or calcinirium inhibitors

    I think this is a bug bite which caused you eczema in this place

  4. Hi..
    Thanks for the query..

    You image and symptoms are clearly pointing towards Contact Dermatitis that is an allergic reaction..
    It can be due to a number of causes like soaps and detergents, skin cosmetics, some chemicals in water..
    I would suggest you to consult an Allergist and get evaluated and a thorough clinical evaluation and investigations like allergic tests like Patch test, RAST test, food challenge test etc can help in diagnosis and treatment can be done accordingly..

    The tests will help in ruling out the exact cause of the allergen and once you know the cause of the allergic reaction you can avoid exposure to it to prevent allergy attack..

    The allergist can advise to oral anti allergics as well as injectable steroids for relief..

    As of now you can take anti-allergics like Levocetrizine, Allegra to control the itching and swelling..
    Do cool compresses..
    Application of calamine lotion can help in soothing the skin..

    Hope this helps..


  5. One more thing that I would like to add is that you should discuss about Immunotherapy with your allergist, that will help in reducing the severity and frequency of allergic attack..

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