I have impetigo can I drink alcohol?

Hi!! I have impetigo and I took my first antibiotic to treat it 4 hours ago. I’m taking doxycycline for it. Will anything happen to me if I drink alcohol just for this night? I’m not a frequent drinker at all


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2 Comments on “I have impetigo can I drink alcohol?

  1. Hi..
    Thanks for the query..

    Well alcohol is not prohibited when you take Doxycycline but only if you take less amount..
    But if you binge on alcohol it can reduce effectiveness of antibiotic..
    So it is advisable to limit alcohol intake..

    Hope this helps..


  2. Hi..
    I would also like to suggest you that if at all you drink alcohol make sure not to be on empty stomach or immediately after taking antibiotics..
    Also eat well..

    Hope this helps..

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