I have hormonal imbalance, I was diagnosed when I was a teenager?

Hello, I have hormonal imbalance, I was diagnosed when I was a teenager and the gynecologist prescribed me Diane 35. I also had polycystic ovaries.

Now I’m 26 and I’ve been taking the Diane for about 10 years, more or less.
I stopped the pill for about 9 months and the symptoms from the hormonal balance started so I started taking it again.
I don’t need the pill for birth control, so I looking to take something else to control the symptoms of the hormonal imbalance, which include facial hair, acne and no menstrual cycles at all.
The moment I stop the pill, my menstruation stops right that moment.

I’ve had several ultrasound tests done to check on my ovaries, it seems the Diane 35 eliminated the polycystic ovaries.
I take Diane 35 daily, except one week a month. And I take paroxetine daily.

I would really appreciate any advice and recommendation.

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  1. Hi
    Are you extremely thin?
    Did you do TSH and T4 test?
    I recommend checking for benign pituitary gland tumor by doing a brain MRI
    Good Luck

  2. hi,
    i feel you are on the right track unless you are planning pregnancy.
    if Diane has eliminated polycystic ovaries,then its a really good sign and u are indeed lucky.
    Consult a gynecologist if there are any severe symptoms .

  3. Hi..
    Thanks for writing to us..

    As per your complain Dianne 35 can help in regulating periods in PCOD patients but it is not the treatment to cure PCOD..

    My suggestion for you is to consult a Gynaecologist and get evaluated and also take other advice for PCOS treatment:
    Metformin: for maintain glucose levels and weight, induce ovulation
    Spironolactone: diuretic action and also induce ovulation
    Diet: take small frequent meal rather large meal
    Avoid fatty/spicy/salty foods
    Avoid excessive sweets
    Start regular exercise for 45-60 minutes in the morning. (reduce 10 percent weight induce ovulation).

    Hope this helps..

  4. In case you of the pcos has fully resolved then there is no more need to get Diane,as your ovulation should be normal and periods should be coming normally,I recommend start losing weight,exercising and dieting.
    Get glucophage tablets 850twice daily before breakfast and lunch,eat 6 meals daily increase vegetables intake and avoid excess carbohydrates ,sweets, .
    Get a follow up USG to check for cysts from time to time ..
    T.S.H and t3,t4 .
    Feel better soon

  5. Regarding you inquiry ,
    Why did your doctor started with Diane!!

    And for 10 years!! Without integrating other real helpful options,
    I recommend you to seek help from another doctor..

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