I have high Immunoglobulin (IgG) levels, please advise

Dear Doctors, This is (…) from (…). Recently i got tested by blood for plasma donation purpose. There the physicians told me that i have high IgG levels. But since one year am really healthy with out any small issues.

Also i got negative for HIV and hepatitis B when i got check up in January.

So am worried a bit now..high IgG levels are bad for health?


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4 Comments on “I have high Immunoglobulin (IgG) levels, please advise

  1. there is something called as Ig M. if Ig G and Ig M are both elevated along with deranged levels of alkaline phosphatase, sgot and sgpt, then they signify some active infection at present. before jumping to conclusion, i would suggest you to get these tests done to see if these elevated levels have any clinical significance in your age

  2. just try to find out if you had any old treated/neglected infection

  3. Some long term chronic infections cause higher IgG, but high IgG per se, is not of great concern

  4. actually, only high igG levels is not much significant if it is not associated with any other positive tests. so no need to worry.
    you can do pcrna test to confirm