I have high blood pressure, will using a e-cigarette be safe for me?

hi i’m a smoker with high blood pressure asthma depression i want to use a e-cigarette to give up tobacco will using a e-cigarette be safe for me to use as it say i cant with the above illnesses or is this just a standard warning like tobacco products have.

Medications: bisoprolol,losartan,seretide,ventolin,venelafaxine ,aripiprazole


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3 Comments on “I have high blood pressure, will using a e-cigarette be safe for me?

  1. Hi
    E-cigarette can be more dangerous regarding your asthma, effect on blood pressure will depend on liquid you use, depression will increase at first but will then improve overtime
    Good Luck

  2. My opinion is when you decide to quit it just quit it..
    Quit the habit and the smoke ..i dont recommend it for the asthma as it will go worse.

  3. Hi..
    No, it will not be safe as it will exaggerate your Asthma..
    You can go to Addiction Specialist and get evaluated and they can advise you Nicotine replacement therapy for easing the tobacco quoting process..


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