I have hemorrhoids on and off and sores, what can I do to treat them?

Hi. I have a history of Hemorrhoids on and off. This case is flared up again and is also accompanied by some sores. Bit itchy. No pain. What can I do to treat the sores? I never had these before along with my hemorrhoid. Now I have both a hemorrhoids and these sores. Also can you tell me what could cause these sores to come during this time? Is preparation H good for this region? One thing I can add is I have been on a very good diet the last 8 weeks and now I have went off track eating everything. Lots of sweets, chips, some soda back into my eating. Still… would that cause this hemorrhoids and sores to come? Mostly curious of these sores cuz I never had with hemorrhoids before.

Age: 34
Medications: None


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  1. Hi..
    You should first of all get an anal swab culture done to look for the probable cause of the sores..
    Can be Anal herpes but needs confirmation with an investigation..

    Hope this helps..


  2. Well, preparation H can be helpful in hemorrhoids but for sores first of all the cause needs to be confirmed..

    Regards .

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