I have hashimotos. Am i going to have heart problems within few years?

Male 26 year old. Physically fit. No family history of cancers heart diseases. I have hashimotos. Just found out my homocystine is 23,11. My doctor prescribed b vitamins. But trials do not prove they prevent no heart diseasesand strokes Felling confussed depressed is there anything i can do? Or am i going to have heart problems within few years?!

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  1. hi,
    having hashimotos does not mean you will definitely have a subsequent heart dises.
    we have seen hashimoto patients at our clinic who lead a absolutely normal life span without any complications.
    The outcome solely depends upon your body immunity and how well controlled the hashimotos is.

  2. Hi.
    Having high homocysteine and hashimoto disease are predisposing to cardiac problems.
    I recommend testing your LDL level..
    Lower down your animal protein intake and get omega 3 supplement.
    You may not have cardiac disorder in the future if you managed to be healthy diet and avoid weight gain.
    Feel better soon

  3. Hi

    Regarding your question,
    First of all you need to cheer up ?, I believe nothing is going wrong with you except being a little bit anxious,

    as long as it medical condition is controlled , so why to be worried,
    eat healthy diet, do exercises, take vitamins if you want , do routine Check up like any healthy person , and everything is gonna be okay

    Hope this help
    we r always here to help anytime

    best regards ?

  4. Hi..
    Hashimotos is not a confirmation of getting cardiac issues or heart issues..
    With proper management of Hashimotos you can very much lead a healthy and symptomfree life..

    So my suggestion is to first of all stop worrying, take proper medications and a healthy diet..
    Do moderate workout daily and undergo yearly checkups to reconfirm your wellness..

    Hope this helps..


  5. Hi
    Your homocysteine levels are not dangerously high, In my opinion your high homocysteine levels is mainly due to stress, actually study’s prove that folio acid and vitamin b (fruits) can lower homocysteine within 1week , nothing to worry about, do you have a high dose of levothyroxine ? How much levothyroxine do you take?
    Good Luck

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